[asterisk-users] [OT] Mediatrix Euro ISDN hangup problem

giovanni.v iax at keybits.org
Tue Feb 12 12:25:17 CST 2013

On 12/02/2013 17.43, Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
> You're right, when someone answers it's not a problem. But if the caller
> is sent to voicemail and he hangups, we get 30 seconds disconnect tone.

Yes, I imagined Your problem was born on such scenario.

> Yes, I already looked for such a configuration option, but unfortunately
> couldn't find any. I hoped someone on the list had experience with a
> Mediatrix on Euro ISDN.

Unfortunately I don't have such knowledge, despite the fact some 
collegue suggested to try mediatrix devices I never do seriously because 
by reading their documentation I had the feeling of limited versatility.

If You are not locked into this device I would suggest a Vega gateway 
from Sangoma. Their firmware has a configuration option that does just 
what you need:


O: Disconnect SIP call if disconnect , even if disconnect with progress
1 .. 6000: Enable passage of in-band (audio) information on call 
disconnect – pass media through for a maximum of this number of seconds.

... or pass this info to the Mediatrix support so they can be inspired 
by competitors ;-)

Regards, Giovanni

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