[asterisk-users] [OT] Mediatrix Euro ISDN hangup problem

Jean-Denis Girard jd.girard at sysnux.pf
Tue Feb 12 10:43:21 CST 2013

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Le 11/02/2013 12:40, giovanni.v a ←crit :
> On 11/02/2013 17.01, Jean-Denis Girard wrote:
> I believe the first one will be not a viable option at all, no telco
> will change any important protocol compliance rule on a "per subscriber"
> basis.

Well, in this case the subscriber is also the telco!

> Now forget your gateway for a moment and make a call on an imaginary
> phone connected to your PRI, after that call successfully answered let
> the called party hang up before you do.  What you expect to hear? Sure,
> a disconnect tone... so you will put your phone on hook and the phone
> will send a disconnect immediately.
> Your pri<->gateway<->asterisk should work the same, even if the gateway
> does not send a disconnect immediately the user who started that call
> will hang up at least when hearing the disconnect tone (good feedback
> for humans, no?) and asterisk will send a bye to the sip gateway then
> that one shall initiate a disconnect on the user side.

You're right, when someone answers it's not a problem. But if the caller
is sent to voicemail and he hangups, we get 30 seconds disconnect tone.
Or if the caller is sent to a queue and he hangs up, the agent takes a
call which is already hung up.

> Check also if your gateway allow for customization to remap isdn/q.931
> messages to sip.

Yes, I already looked for such a configuration option, but unfortunately
couldn't find any. I hoped someone on the list had experience with a
Mediatrix on Euro ISDN.

> Sorry, hope you will be able to understand because English isn't my
> native language.

No problem understanding, maybe because English is not my native
language either ;)

Thanks a lot,
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