[asterisk-users] TLS

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Thu Feb 7 07:39:10 CST 2013

Le 06/02/2013 23:15, kepin sinatra a écrit :
> Hi, I tried it the implementation of TLS in asterisk on ubuntu 
> 10.04. I follow the tutorial: 
> https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Secure+Calling+Tutorial. 
> and I use blink as a softphone in ny client in windows. for regular 
> communication process (without TLS) smoothly, but when it just follow 
> the tutorial, it is always error on his softphone: transport error.

Check that blink is configured for TLS. Also, when you start asterisk or 
sip reload check that message "SSL certificate ok" appears in your logs

Other check: run tshark on the interface of your asterisk on port 5061 
in tcp to check if the traffic of your softphone arrive to the good port.

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