[asterisk-users] dahdi-channels.conf parameters

Hose hose+asterisk at bluemaggottowel.com
Tue Feb 5 14:09:12 CST 2013


I've always used dahdi-genconf to just create the dahdi-channels.conf
and since our PRI is fairly simple (just dump all the channels into one
group) it works with dialing with dahdi/g1/(number). I'm trying to
understand the file though for my own reference.

It seems the file looks like this:

switchtype = national
signalling = pri_cpe
channel => 1-23
context = default
group = 63

So what I don't get is why group is specified with 0,11. Is that groups
0 and groups 11? And then it has a random group = 63 at the end. And I
dial with group 1 (dahdi/g1), but it seems to work? :) It's completely
confused me as to why this actually works.


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