[asterisk-users] Wierd question - Give me your opinion please

Jared Baxley jared.baxley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 22:11:58 CST 2013

Client - Not for Profit in the Middle of the Jungle/Rain Forrest

Infrastructure - Datacenter is Non Climate Controlled, Prone to Flooding,
and has Sketchy Power, LAN - NEW Cabling in main Office building, Hodge
Podge of DYI wiring across remaining buildings. Phones - Total of about 50
extensions. Only about 25 - 30 phones will be IP phones, 20-30 more will
have to be analog due to the distance.

Analog Extensions will be on Digium TDM2400 or Sangoma A400 Cards.

Analog extensions WILL Hit a Surge Gate before the cards, and as much
precaution on grounding protection and power protection is being taken as
possible. The cards WILL BE PCI not PCI-e (They are being donated)

A New Dell Power-edge Server will be acquired for the PBX


Would you purchase a NEW TOWER Server with PCI slots to accommodate the


Purchase a NEW RACK MOUNT server for the PBX, and Buy/Build a Cheaper
Server just for the analog extensions,

I'm torn... The ease of management of one server, or the "isolation" of
analog extensions scattered through the jungle on it's own server.

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