[asterisk-users] problem to socket programming in AGI

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Mon Feb 4 11:26:31 CST 2013

On Monday 04 February 2013, Muhammad wrote:
> Hi,
> I know maybe this question is not related to asterisk, but I want to make
> XML RPC web service to other http server.
> I have elastix system. it is https and problem is source not destination
> server. In xml rpc we have fsockopen connection to connect destination
> server(xml rpc server). It return me connect error(0).
> what is the problem. is this related to elastix(asterisk) server?

If your call to fsockopen() is returning false, then the socket connection is 
not being opened.  You need to work out why this is the case first.  This 
probably will mean writing a quick standalone script for testing.

First, run the test script on the destination machine.  Can you persuade it 
open a socket on localhost?  Then that means something is at least listening 
for connections.  If you can open a socket locally but not remotely, check the 
config files for the daemon to make sure it isn't binding to, or 
anything stupid.  

But ..... you may not even need to use fsockopen() if it's just an ordinary 
HTTPS connection.  You should be able to use curl or wget.  (in PHP, you can 
use `backticks` like this:
$all_files = `ls -alR /`
which will execute the command between the `` marks -- ls -alR / -- and put 
the output into the variable $all_files .)  Again, try this on the destination 
machine first to make sure it works at all, then try it remotely.

By the way, you only ever need \r\n as a line ending when talking to a Windows 
server.  Real servers are happy with just \n!


Answers come *after* questions.

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