[asterisk-users] CallerID external call after Attended Transfer

Jonas Kellens jonas.kellens at telenet.be
Mon Feb 4 06:53:08 CST 2013


using Asterisk

case :

I call with my cellphone to our public telephone number
Our receptionist answers the incoming call and does an attended transfer 
to my colleague ( A )
Colleague answers and the receptionist tells him that I am on the other 
Receptionist transfers the call and I am connected to my colleague ( B )

My question is about the CallerID that the "colleague" sees on his IP-phone.

In step A the colleague sees the CallerID of the receptionist, which I 
In step B, after I am connected to my colleague, the colleague still 
sees the CallerID of the receptionist (and not my cellphone number).

How come my colleague does not see my cellphone number ? What is the 
correct setting ( IP-phone ? Asterisk ? ) to obtain this functionality.

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