[asterisk-users] OT - Chan-mobile -Bluetooth dongle on remote LAN workstation

Don Kelly dk at donkelly.biz
Fri Feb 1 09:17:03 CST 2013

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> What I had in mind is to use someone's cellphone as a presence detector.
> Let me explain:
> - as the first thing you take along when leaving a room or location, 
> is your own cellphone, why not use chan_mobile and a bluetooth dongle 
> on your on PC (as you're not supposed to be within bluetooth range 
> from an asterisk server ;-)) to advertise you're away from your desk
Being completely ignorant of Bluetooth dongles, and knowing less than I
should about Asterisk, I'm happy to throw in my two-cents worth.

It seems that the Asterisk server need know nothing about the Bluetooth
dongle--it only cares if the user is in their office.

An application can run on a pc in the office that simply decides if a device
it's paired with is nearby or not. Probably want to have something that
makes sure it's lost a few times over a minute or so. Then the application
informs the Asterisk server (a web service?) that the individual is gone. I
would expect that a single pc could keep track of several people.

That said, I was thinking this was a simple "Bluetooth presence detection"
issue, so I Googled that. One result was this:



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