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You need to decide which codecs you are going to allow to be used on the 
SIP side. As you are connecting to E1 then the standard codec would be 
g711 alaw or ulaw. You could force the SIP side to use the same codec 
but it uses about 100Kbps of bandwidth so quite a bit higher than other 
codecs and some customers may prefer to use a higher compression codec 
so they dont have to have a faster internet connection.
If you start allowing other codecs then asterisk will need to perform 
codec translation which consumes CPU.

You will be limited by the E1 cards you can fit into asterisk. Generally 
its best to keep to a maximum of 2 PCI cards in a server as they each 
generate a lot of interrupts. A couple of Sangoma A116 will give you 32 
E1 circuits which can handle 960 calls. That may well be pushing the 
server to its limits of what it can do even if it is just handling basic 
So you will want 3 of these systems and preferably four as you will want 
some redundancy.

You would want something like opensips at the front end on a couple of 
redundant servers. You can use the load balancing module in opensips to 
spread the calls evenly between the available asterisk servers.

You should also have a think about whether you wish to use asterisk at 
all. Opensips will do the load balancing that you need and can perform 
the billing actions aswell. If all asterisk is doing is performing sip 
to E1 conversion there may be hardware solutions which will be more cost 
effective and require less maintenance.

On 20/12/13 10:08, bilal ghayyad wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the help from the all.
> Without using PBX functionalities (like conference or pickup and so 
> on), only basic calls. So how many concurrent calls can support?
> The idea is, we need to use Asterisk with ISP which will be service 
> provider for sip calls for the subscribers, and the asterisk should be 
> connected with E1s to do calls within the country.
> The registered users will reach up to 100 000 users and the concurrent 
> calls will reach up to 2000 or 3000 calls.
> Appreciate the kindly advise.
> Regards
> Bilal
> On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 6:10 PM, Tech Support 
> <asterisk at voipbusiness.us> wrote:
> You can have tens of thousands of phones as long as no one makes or 
> receives any calls J. The better question to ask is how many 
> concurrent calls have people been able to make. The quick answer is it 
> depends on many things.
> John
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> Hello;
> Can someone advise me what is the maximum number of users (IP Phones) 
> that can be supported by asterisk 1.8 or later?
> Regards
> Bilal
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