[asterisk-users] [OT] Does Energy Savings mode exist with BRI/PtP ?

jg webaccounts at jgoettgens.de
Wed Dec 11 12:35:18 CST 2013

> At the moment, I'm having trouble with lines going up and down all day long.
> I asked them to be created as P2P.
> Mostly but not always calls are passing in and out correctly.
I doubt that the energy-saving is causing the trouble. How do you get the ISDN-signal? Is it an 
S0-bus? If yes, I may be able to be of further help. Even if the connection goes down, it should 
not matter for P2MP connections. But S0-bus problems can be nasty (though seen rarely these days).
> So, if I'm not mistaken, either :
> - these lines are configured as P2MP (and not as P2P as required),
> - I'm facing something else I've never met before.
I would bet on the 2nd choice.
> As these lines are up most of the time, I'm having a hard time to get any useful help by Telco 
> beside "level 1" basic checks.
> For the record, these lines are terminated on my side with a Patton smartnode (most of the 
> time, I use Digium BRI boards).
> During off hours, I'll try to check what happens when toggling to P2MP mode.
I doubt that you do get anything useful if you pick the wrong mode.

Are you sure that your are not dealing with termination issues? Try sending a T.30 fax with fine 
resolution and ecm enabled when your connection is up. If it takes too long or fails, this is 
something to look at.


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