[asterisk-users] "dahdi show channels" no such command

Eric Wieling EWieling at nyigc.com
Thu Dec 5 20:09:50 CST 2013

Run "dahdi_cfg -vvv" to verify DAHDI kernel modules are loaded and configured correctly.

Verify chan_dahdi.so is built and located in your Asterisk modules directory, usually /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/  If there is no chan_dahdi.so chances are you built Asterisk before installing DAHDI.  Rerun ./configure or run "make distclean" and then rerun ./configure to rebuild Asterisk.

Use the command "module show like dahdi" in the Asterisk CLI to verify chan_dahdi.so is loaded.  If it isn't loaded then chances are you have a chan_dahdi.conf issue.

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I have followed the instructions in Asterisk The Definitive Guide 4th edition.  Once I load DAHDI I run the dahdi show channels command and get no such command.  I have setup all the conf files.  I compiled DADHI prior to Asterisk.

Any ideas?

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