[asterisk-users] link to MySQL connection

James Sharp james at fivecats.org
Tue Dec 3 12:52:04 CST 2013

On 12/3/2013 10:11 AM, Don Kelly wrote:
>> In the php routines, I would like to use the persistent connection
>> that is established in the dialplan, rather than creating a new
>> connection each time they run. How can I do this?
> You can't, they are completely separate processes and code.
> Joshua Colp
> Thanks--that's not the answer I wanted, but it sure was quick. :) Is there
> anything that would enable me to use a persistent connection in the agi?
> --Don
> Yes.  Use func_odbc in your PHP AGI.   In Asterisk dialplan functions are
> treated like dialplan variables so you can get and set them just like you
> would other dialplan variables.
> If it takes 5 seconds to open a PDO DB connection inside PHP you have some
> OTHER problem.
> Eric Wieling
> Thanks, Eric. If I can't figure out why the connection takes so long, I'll
> try the func_ODBC approach.

look into DNS problems.  Something may be trying to do an reverse DNS 
lookup and taking too long to either give up or get an answer.

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