[asterisk-users] Gateway?

Don Kelly dk at donkelly.biz
Tue Apr 30 13:59:57 CDT 2013

Guys and gals - these are all excellent answers - I am not being clear, I


Let me see if I can illustrate it.


If you cannot see my diagramme, let me know and I will make a word-type


So, the Ip device at the top is a SIP phone

Asterisk Server 

Gateway /IP


*	This gateway is where the SIP Trunk is - so, a provider like Packet
8 or Broadcomm would have this
*	this connects directly to the public telephone system (somehow)
*	a Digium card would not work for me as I am not looking to connect
to a dial tone.
*	Does this make sense?

So, the Gateway/IP based - what the hell is that called? I am sure there is
such an animal as most of us have configured SIP trunks on Asterisk - so,
I'm thinking that this thing that connect to the public phone system is what
we see as a SIP trunk - right?


So, how the hell do I do that? Probably not that simple.







No, it doesn't make sense to me J


If you don't need a "dial tone," you don't need the PSTN.


If you are using Broadcomm, etc., you simply use your Asterisk's system's
Ethernet connection.


Let's start with your application-what do you want to accomplish?


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