[asterisk-users] Setting a CDR field from using feature codes...

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomabmex.com
Wed Apr 10 17:53:10 CDT 2013

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	I am trying to set the CDR(userfield) to a certain vaule using the
application map of features.conf but I am not able to do it.  When I
receive a call I would like to tag it with a client code (3 digit
numeric) so I can referenci it later from the CDR.  I have edited
features.conf with something like:

code => #111,self,SET(CDR(userfield(111))


code => #111,self,AGI(code.agi)

	The DYNAMIC_FEATURES variable is in the globals section and includes
the application map name.  When I do a "features reload" I can see
everything loads and when I dial the code during a call I can see a
message like:

- --  Feature Found: code exten: code

	The problem is that my CDR variable is not being written to.  The
first example does not show anything on screen.  For the second when I
turn agi debug on I can see:

<SIP/2001-00000003>AGI Rx << SET VARIABLE CDR(userfield) "111"

	But when I hang up neither my h extension or the CDR itself will show
the value I set, it is empty.  I do not know what I am doing wrong or
maybe CDR variables are not available from features?

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