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Nyamul Hassan nyamul at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 17:11:17 CDT 2013


We have recently implemented asterisk as the office PBX, and as a GUI, we
chose Elastix.  All seems quite easy and am very pleased with the way
Asterisk is running and handling calls.  To summarize briefly, our setup
looks like this:

LAN -> Asterisk PBX (Elastix) -> Asterisk TDM (basic CLI with libSS7)

We get a whole 3 digit number series from our telco.  So, like, +1 312 765
7xxx (just an example), where we get to choose XXX on our own.  To simplify
things, we have forwarded the full incoming extension to "Asterisk PBX",
and have assigned full numbered SIP IDs to our users.  And so far, our
users can send / receive calls without any problem!

The problem starts when we are trying out the "Follow Me" feature, and
there seems to be a problem with Caller ID.  The following scenario works:

Internal User --- > [calling] > Internal User --- > [call failing] >
Forwarded number in the settings of Internal User

This works like a charm!  However, the problem arises when, the initial
caller is an external user.  After looking at the verbose debug messages
for a while, we found that core issue is Caller ID.  Our outbound Telco
will not accept calls from anything that does not start with 312 765 7xxx.

Is there a way to change the caller ID of outbound calls to the "dialed
internal extension CallerID"?

We also came up with another link on the internet, where apparently there
are settings on the SS7 related to this type of setup.  Probably RDNIS and
OCN are the ones.  Is there a way to make "Asterisk PBX" ask "Asterisk TDM"
to make a forwarded calls, and then subsequently pass those settings to the

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