[asterisk-users] Logging SIP connection status for review

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Wed Apr 10 13:06:37 CDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:02 AM, Steve Edwards
<asterisk.org at sedwards.com>wrote:

> dumpcap can capture all of the SIP (and RTP) packets into a series of
> files without a huge performance hit.
> A cron job can pbzip2 the files and delete if over x days old.

That's completely different.  We already run a good packet capture system.
 What I want to see is SIP registration statuses and latency logged about
once a minute.  We do that now by doing a 'sip show peers like x' and
putting it in a text file.  I can then correlate issues with times of high
latency or unreachable phones.  I'd just like to see more reporting and the
ability to correlate times and such.

Carlos Alvarez
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