[asterisk-users] External call control for Asterisk

Simon Green simon.c.green at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 21:46:54 CDT 2013

Hi there, I’m new to Asterisk and there’s a ton of documentation. I’m not
really sure where to start. What I want to do is this: a PBX service ala
FreePBX, but where call control is passed via SIP to an external service
which will tell Asterisk:

a)      * Whether the call is allowed

b)      * Where to connect the call, if necessary (i.e. forced redirection
to a C-party)

c)       * To disconnect the call at some time in future based on charging
considerations (i.e. online charging)

There is also the option of not using Asterisk at all, and simply using the
other service directly, but Asterisk is much better suited to handling
end-user devices. The external service does control logic only.
Can someone point me at the right place in the documentation to get a
handle on where I should be hooking things like this?

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