[asterisk-users] Looking for a reporter for SQLite3 with Lighttpd and PHP

jon pounder jonp at inline.net
Tue Apr 9 13:21:22 CDT 2013

On 04/09/2013 01:44 PM, Daniel - Asterisk wrote:

sqlite is not really a multiuser dbms, so really its hard to build tools 
that do what you want without causing problems in the way it operates. 
You'd be better off running postgres or mysql (yuck I said it), and 
using one of the many tools which exist for those.

Bear in mind all the wear and levelling issues with databases if you are 
using solid state storage only (I wouldn't but its possible to do)

> Hello List, here I go again,
> I'm looking for an interface to access my Sqlite3 DB which holds my 
> CDR and SIP realtime tables. I'm running Asterisk on my 
> Raspbian distro (Debian Wheezy).
> I've tried http://astcdrview.berlios.de/ without success after 
> following installation guide and it seems to be an abandoned project. 
> If you know about a tool or product to download CDR reports and update 
> SIP realtime tables please let me know.
> Regards,
> Elder D. Arohuanca
> dCAP
> Lima - Peru
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Daniel - Asterisk 
> <earohuanca at gmail.com <mailto:earohuanca at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone,
>     I wonder if there's a product that I can install on my
>     debian-based server to extract CDRs (it'd be better if Excel's
>     downloads are available), also it would be desirable if I can
>     access additional table to update rows (e.g. sip for realtime)
>     Please let me know what you know.
>     Best Regards,
>     Elder D. Arohuanca
>     dCAP
>     Lima - Peru
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