[asterisk-users] blacklist/V* - using wildcard

Doug Lytle support at drdos.info
Sat Apr 6 17:33:55 CDT 2013

Joseph wrote:
> So if the: "Set(goaway=${CALLERID(number):0:2})" limits the caller ID 
> string to 2-characters, isn't it?

Actually, it hasn't doing anything to the caller ID, it's assigning the 
first 2 characters of the CID to the variable.

> If I set it to 10-characters: ...${CALLERID(number):0:10} can I test 
> it for the first two characters only "V4" or it has to be string 
> 10-characters long? 

No, that's what we're doing above.

Looking only at the first two characters of the CID and assigning it to 
${goaway} and then doing the testing on ${goaway}, leaving the CID intact.


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