[asterisk-users] Disconnect calls : known reasons

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Fri Sep 28 03:57:16 CDT 2012

Le 28/09/2012 10:40, Jonas Kellens a écrit :
> [...]
>>> are there any known reasons why Asterisk would disconnect random 
>>> calls ?
>>> My server uses 1,5 GB out of 8 GB RAM
>>> My server uses up to 35% CPU at peak
>>> There are about 40 concurrent calls.
>>> I have 300 RTP-ports available.
>>> I just see the call ending, as if one of the connected parties hung 
>>> up but that is not the case !
>>> So what could be a bottleneck ? Any known reasons for random hangup ?
>> Check that those calls are not sended to phones which are already 
>> online, doesn't accept further calls, and your dialplan don't manage 
>> this situation
> Maybe I need to explain a bit further : the call is send to the 
> IP-phone and answered. The call lasts for about 1 à 2 minutes and is 
> then disconnected.
> Sometimes this happens after about 1 minute, sometimes after about 2 
> minutes, sometimes it does not happen at all for a whole day or week !
> If I say random, I really mean random.
> I'd love to believe that there is some kind of bottleneck or level 
> that is reached when this happens, but nothing points to that direction.

We had this problem with some PSTN call termination providers, sometimes 
only against some destination.  I don't know if your incoming calls are 
100% VOIP, I would start to see with providers.

You may also check hangupcause and dialstatus variables.


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