[asterisk-users] no audio while call forwarding, yes audio with followme

Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
Tue Sep 25 16:28:27 CDT 2012

Do the call both ways again and check(post) the CLI output.


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Hi all,

the subject says it all.
Technical details: 
- Asterisk 
- Behind NAT 
- Using external SIP provider

The call forwarding is tested both with this functionality on the phone and
with configuration in the dialplan. In the latter case a database variable
is set to the external number, if set a Dial command calls this number. So
really nothing fancy (actually I followed the example on
http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+call+forwarding ).

sip.conf has nat=yes, externip= ... and I tried every setting of directmedia
in the providers configuration part. 

Followme works flawlessly, so I'm really wondering if this is a NAT issue. 

Can anyone point me into a certain direction?



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