[asterisk-users] OpenVox A400P+asterisk=problem with dial recall tone

Андрей М. Колобродов admin at vorona.su
Tue Sep 25 00:01:12 CDT 2012

Hello, all!
My name is Andrew. I have OpenVox TDM400P card with 2 modules (FXO and  
FXS). It plugged to server asterisk ( under gentoo (3.3.8-gentoo)  
via dahdi (2.6.1 from gentoo portages). All works, but I have a problem:  
When I whant to transfer call from FXS to other phone after press flash in  
asterisk logs I see "WARNING[21899]: sig_analog.c:3227  
__analog_handle_event: Unable to start dial recall tone on channel 4". And  
there no recall tone in phone. Nevertheless, if I enter number of other  
phone and hang up - call transfers success. That is, problem is only: no  
recall tone.
I wrote to support openvox, but there is no result - they advised me  
change gentoo+asterisk to elastics

Please help me. What I do wrong?
Thanks for advance

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