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> Hi Matthew ,

> i have enabled the framework and tested the script, after running i
> am getting some FAILS

> -> tests/channels/SIP/refer_replaces_to_self --- FAILED

> --> tests/channels/SIP/sip_tls_call --- FAILED

> --> tests/channels/SIP/sip_cause --- FAILED

> --> tests/masquerade --- FAILED

> let me know still what i am missing in the testsuite.

So, as I explained earlier, the Asterisk Test Suite will tell you what
dependencies you are missing.  If a dependency is missing, it will skip the
test and not execute it.  Since the tests appear to have executed and failed,
it isn't a dependency problem.  So you probably aren't "missing" anything in
the Test Suite.

When a test fails, it will provide you with the messages from the Test
Suite log file (located in ./logs) of verbosity WARNING and higher.
Those will often (but not always) contain the reasons for the test failure.
Even then, more often than not, you have to inspect the Test Suite logs
and sometimes the archived Asterisk logs to determine why the test failed.

As much as I'd love to say I'll debug your errors for you, the fact is that
some of those tests are rather complex and debugging failures in them can take
some significant effort.  For example, the masquerade test creates 300 Local
channels and collapses them all down through optimization.  Finding the
problem when that test fails is a non-trivial effort.

(And these tests do pass on the current Bamboo build agent, as well as on
my development machine.  So off the top of my head, I don't know why they
would be failing on your machine.)

The Asterisk Test Suite is a tool to aid in Asterisk development and test.
If you don't feel comfortable debugging problems in Asterisk, then it might
not be the tool for you.

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