[asterisk-users] Asterisk HangUp not breaking incoming call for caller

Raj Mathur ( राज माथुर ) raju at linux-delhi.org
Wed Sep 12 00:05:50 CDT 2012

On Wednesday 12 Sep 2012, Vladimir Mikhelson wrote:
> Raj,
> I am just confirming it happens here as well.
> CentOS 5.7. Asterisk DAHDI 2.6.1.
> Digium, Inc. Wildcard TDM410 4-port analog card (rev 11)
> Loadzone = us
> The problem started manifesting itself after I switched to 1.8.x from
> 1.6.2.x
> Typical scenario: a caller apparently hangs up, dial plan goes into
> voice mail and records a 50 sec message with the CO tones. Then
> something happens and the line finally gets hung up.

I feel this is a different problem:

Problem 1: Asterisk receives incoming call from PSTN.  Caller hangs up.  
Asterisk doesn't notice hangup and continues in the dialplan.

Problem 2: Asterisk receives incoming call from PSTN.  Asterisk 
eventually executes HangUp().  Caller does not get hung up.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but yours seems to be the first, whereas mine 
is the second.

Solved the first one by loading the appropriate zones, loading the 
Digium card driver with the correct opermode (which must be one of the 
best-kept secrets on the Internet!) and enabling busydetect in Dahdi.

Stuck at the second one for now.


-- Raj
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