[asterisk-users] multiple users for jabber.conf

Hans Witvliet asterisk at a-domani.nl
Tue Sep 11 16:53:59 CDT 2012

Hi all,

Been reading about chan_motif / chan_xmpp in the wiki's for 1.8, 10 and
11 version of asterisk.
In each example i got the impression that the asterisk server is
registering on a XMPP server as a single user with the credentials as
specified in jabber.conf.

Instead of a single xmpp-user, could that also be multiple users?
For instance, for each sip-user an xmpp-user?

When i skim through most of the examples, the asteriskbox is used for
making an outbound call with the jingle protocol.

But how about incoming calls?
I presume you need multiple xmpp-accounts, in order to differentiate
multiple destinations. Not?

Or to describe it in an other way: If you just do a single
xmpp-registration, how can you become a destination for different
end-users? how about multiple presence-states?

[utterly confused] Hans

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