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> Hi,

> i am trying to install the Asterisk test suite on my ubuntu system ,
> i have followed all the installlation steps as mentioned in the link
> (
> http://blogs.asterisk.org/2010/04/29/installing-the-asterisk-test-suite/
> ) , but when i am trying to run the script some of the test cases
> are PASSED and most of them are FAILED and SKIPPPED. So please help
> me out to do the testing correctly.

> The following is the test report i got after running the script.


There is newer documentation on the Asterisk wiki:


There are pages that describe how to install and run the Test Suite under that

Skipped tests happen when you are missing a dependency that the test needs to
run.  If you look at a verbose report for each test (which should also be output
when the test run finishes), it should tell you what dependency was missing.

Most of your failed tests appear to be those that require the TEST_FRAMEWORK
compile time option in Asterisk.  You can enable that in menuselect when you
have configured Asterisk with --enable-dev-mode.

Those tests *should* have picked up the fact that the TEST_FRAMEWORK wasn't
enabled and should have been skipped (so long as the Asterisk directory that
the Test Suite is sitting in has that option enabled in its build options),
but there is a known bug with those test's YAML configuration that is preventing
them from picking up the TEST_FRAMEWORK flag.  Until we can get that cleaned up,
enabling the TEST_FRAMEWORK flag should resolve that problem.

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