[asterisk-users] asterisk on arm

Sazzad sazzadbinkamal at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 22:52:48 CDT 2012

> has anyone tried asterisk on arm processors?

Yeah, I used Asterisk on ARM Cortex8 processors for an embedded board, Zoom

> how is the performance?

Well, it was an experimental setup to create a custom Asterisk channel. So
I can't tell you about the performance in production deployment.

> have encountered problems in the compilation?

Yes, occasionally. Since cross compiler was used there were several issues,
like setting the appropriate environment variables, customizing Makefiles
and such. But Timesys' Factory <https://linuxlink.timesys.com> provided a
kind of SDK for embedded system development. It worked well I think.

Sazzad Bin Kamal
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