[asterisk-users] new HOWTO - Lumicall/Android with an Asterisk PBX

Daniel - Lumicall.org daniel at lumicall.org
Mon Sep 3 08:49:47 CDT 2012

After a lot of questions from Asterisk users, I've now created a
dedicated page with settings for Lumicall and Asterisk to work together


As of the 1.8.x releases of Lumicall, it is much more consistent at
remaining registered on devices that frequently sleep. This is mainly
based on the addition of SIP outbound keep-alive over TLS/TCP, together
with improved code for background processing when Android sleeps.

Lumicall is also available from F-Droid now, so it is easier than ever
to be certain that you are running a binary built from the published
source code, and no Google account is needed to install with F-Droid:


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