[asterisk-users] Routing premature media to the calling channel

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Sun Mar 25 04:07:37 CDT 2012

I assume you have ruled out NAT and firewall issues?

Between those two, 99% of the reasons why something may not be routed somewhere correctly are accounted for. 

If you don't know, your best bet is to take a packet capture or SIP debug on the Asterisk server and find out where that early media is going.

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Leandro Dardini <ldardini at gmail.com> wrote:

>I have a problem with premature media and inband progress audio. I am using
>the latest and this is the setup:
>soft phone --- asterisk --- SIP provider
>The number I call is giving back some hints via inband audio I am not able
>to ear from the soft phone. They stop on the asterisk and are not routed
>down the path to the sip phone.
>The SIP part is simple:
>soft phone -> asterisk: INVITE
>asterisk -> soft phone: TRYING
>asterisk -> provider: INVITE
>asterisk -> soft phone: 180 RINGING
>provider -> asterisk: 183 SESSION PROGRESS
>provider -> asterisk: AUDIO
>Unfortunately the AUDIO received from the provider by the asterisk box is
>not sent to the soft phone.
>I think I have tried every combination of progressinband and
>prematuremedia, without success.
>How can I made the audio received from the provider to the asterisk be
>transmitted to the soft phone?
>Thank you
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