[asterisk-users] Problem installing asterisk 10.1.3 on SUSE

Danny Nicholas danny at debsinc.com
Thu Mar 22 11:26:42 CDT 2012

Confusion?  I'm looking at the Asterisk Release download directory and only
see asterisk-10.1.3.tar.gz, not asterisk-10.1.3-32.tar.gz and
asterisk-  is this a configuration or make option?   As for
the "pox on sqlite3",  I have had varying degrees of misery with this - on
one install I had to resort to deleting the astdb table using bash in
safe_asterisk because asterisk crashed every time it tried to do "create if
not exists table astdb...".

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On 22-03-12 16:47, Danny Nicholas wrote:
> So is Asterisk 10 supposed to be 32 or 64 bit?  P.S.  a pox on sqlite3!

Depends on how you compile it or what version you downloaded. Both are
possible. Asterisk 10 32bit requires a 32bit OS and Asterisk 10 64bit
requires a 64bit OS. I didn't understand "pox on sqlite3!". Please


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