[asterisk-users] Getting Mac Address on connected IP phones

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Wed Mar 14 00:24:18 CDT 2012

James Sharp wrote:
> On 3/13/12 5:53 PM, Danny Nicholas wrote:
>> Ping the phones, then run arp.
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>> Subject: [asterisk-users] Getting Mac Address on connected IP phones
>> I am struggling to get the mac-addresses of IP phones that are connected
>> to
>> asterisk as the phone are in different VLAN with * and they were
>> manually
>> configured. I want to centralize their configuration using res_phoneprov
>> or
>> tftp
>> I have tried nmap and arp in vain.
>> Any idea?
> ping + arp isn't going to work if they're on a different VLAN.
> I believe this will work:
> 1)  Set up your TFTP server, but do not put any configuration files in
> the /tftpboot directory (or whatever the directory is).
> 2)  Set the DHCP server on the phones' network to hand out the TFTP
> server address.
> 3)  Reboot the phones
> 4)  Watch the TFTP server logs and you should see each phone request a
> file based on its MAC.  With no downloaded config file, the phone should
> revert to what it already has in nvram.
> 5)  Collect MAC addresses out of the server logs
> 6)  Profit?

Handy but working plan. Let me give it a try

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