[asterisk-users] Getting Mac Address on connected IP phones

James Sharp james at fivecats.org
Tue Mar 13 18:34:34 CDT 2012

On 3/13/12 5:53 PM, Danny Nicholas wrote:
> Ping the phones, then run arp.
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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Getting Mac Address on connected IP phones
> I am struggling to get the mac-addresses of IP phones that are connected to
> asterisk as the phone are in different VLAN with * and they were manually
> configured. I want to centralize their configuration using res_phoneprov or
> tftp
> I have tried nmap and arp in vain.
> Any idea?

ping + arp isn't going to work if they're on a different VLAN.
I believe this will work:

1)  Set up your TFTP server, but do not put any configuration files in 
the /tftpboot directory (or whatever the directory is).
2)  Set the DHCP server on the phones' network to hand out the TFTP 
server address.
3)  Reboot the phones
4)  Watch the TFTP server logs and you should see each phone request a 
file based on its MAC.  With no downloaded config file, the phone should 
revert to what it already has in nvram.
5)  Collect MAC addresses out of the server logs
6)  Profit?

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