[asterisk-users] Capacity of single instance of Asterisk

Stefan Schmidt sst at sil.at
Tue Mar 13 15:26:09 CDT 2012

Am 13.03.2012 21:13, schrieb Steve Edwards:
> On Tue, 13 Mar 2012, Amit Patkar | Avhan Technologies Pvt Ltd wrote:
>> [Amit Patkar] I completely agree with you on distributing the load. At
>> the same time, I am looking at juicing hardware as well. Can you share
>> the number instead of saying couple hundreds?
having a nearly same hardware setup as yours (double xeon 2,3 ghz six
core with hyperthread = 24 cores and 12 GB of ram) i was able to push
asterisk 10 up to 13500 concurrent calls at around 1800 calls per second.

but this was only sip signaling. i also done some load tests with 8000
concurrent calls doing a playback of a unique file for each call and the
load was around 30 but sound quality still sounds ok.

but no one will every build a single host system for such many calls,
you will have only problems with it.

a typical sip proxy can handle much more sip messages as asterisk and
you can easy spread the load over different machines.

i guess you should start to try it out what your system and your
asterisk configuration can handle without problems and do some educated
guesses about it.

so its not about numbers cause nobody can really answer this question
without trying it out and there will still be too much space for
difference to give you an exactly amount.

best regards


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