[asterisk-users] Capacity of single instance of Asterisk

Amit Patkar | Avhan Technologies Pvt Ltd amit at avhan.com
Tue Mar 13 09:39:26 CDT 2012

Hi Steve

Thanks for your input. Please check my comments.

> I have a server with 24 cores running at 2.4ghz and 16 GB RAM. How 
> many concurrent SIP sessions I can run from single instance of 
> Asterisk on this server? I wish to use G711 codec with echo cancel. 
> And all calls needs to be recorded.

What kind of capacity are you looking to achieve?

[Amit Patkar] Some where 2400 G.711 sessions with recording. So approx 1200

>From my experience, Asterisk is not really much of a RAM hog. A couple 
is good for a couple hundred simultaneous calls.

With 4 'Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz' cores, I can handle a couple hundred
simultaneous non-transcoding calls with no recording on Asterisk 1.2.

With 24 cores and 16 GB on tap, you will probably find other resource
limitations before either CPU or RAM are a limiting factor.

Personally, I'm a 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' kind of guy.

Assuming a simplistic linear relationship between my host and yours, what
will you do when it crashes with 1600 calls in progress? What will you do
when you need to install patches or upgrade or ...

I like a couple of instances of OpenSIPS in front of several Asterisk
instances, even if OpenSIPS is on the same boxes as Asterisk.

[Amit Patkar] I completely agree with you on distributing the load. At the
same time, I am looking at juicing hardware as well. Can you share the
number instead of saying couple hundreds?

> What will be impact on no of session when G729a is used?


[Amit Patkar] Can I assume 30% reduction? Or it would be much more.

Thanks in advance,
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