[asterisk-users] Multi-record SRV records

Asgaroth 00asgaroth00 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 09:20:16 CDT 2012

Greetings back :)
> Greetings,
> That will depend on my SIP providers, I'm not sure if they swap their
> IP's indeed,and send calls down my way with alternating IP's,
> perhaps they're "smart" enough to only
> send calls down my way with the same IP that was bound with the
> registration request to begin with. (This is a shot in the dark, I might
> be saying nonsense).

This is just it, if I do a SIP trace, on what is happening, the 
registrations are bouncing between the 2 addresses, and the inbound call 
comes in from the last address that my registration was against.

What appears to be happening though is that my peer definition's DNS 
address does not get updated with the last address registered against. 
For example:

[a] register against example.com's IP
[b] sip peer [example] has resolved the host=example.com to be
[c] call comes in from registered address, this works fine
[d] i then re/refresh-register against
[e] sip peer [example] still has the initial resolution of 
host=example.com to be
[f] call comes in via and this fails at my pbx.

> One of my providers, while troubleshooting an issue for inbound calls,
> offered me to use an IP rather then SRV to register -
> because "Asterisk is bad with using SRV's" , but the issues turned out
> to be diffrent.

Can you recall what the issue may have been?

> I'm sorry I cannot shed much light on this one without monitoring my
> PBX's peers at this moment.

No problem, thanks for the info/pointers thus far.

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