[asterisk-users] selling against ms lync

A_ Navone navone2 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 10 09:34:13 CST 2012

not sure if this is a biz question or tech question
its a tech question insofar as ms lync desktop client has integration with email and screen sharing and wondering how to do that in the asterisk world perhaps with a softfone like zoiper or an IM client like pidgin.....when i search for thunderbird extensions for asterisk i find
http://www.oak-wood.co.uk/tbdialout/andhttps://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/asterisk-click2dial/?src=searchboth of which look great
but that leads to the question are my contacts email centric or company centric that is to say, am i working off a ms exchange server or ms crm server ?we use sugarcrm in our office and noojee click click2dial works fine...... but even that is not a slam dunk because the sugar email client is horrible
if anyone has any suggestions regarding  these types of general biz processes it would be appreciatedi am not familiar with the ms world but i guess the big trio is ms exchange server + ms lync + ms crmi have an appointment to sell against that in a few weeksthey have 20 offices and only 35% are set up with ms communicator on polycom cx 500 fonesi must say the color displays on those fones are a lot sexier than anything in the sound point line......
thx in advance

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