[asterisk-users] Master Registrations?

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Fri Apr 27 14:28:20 CDT 2012

I am expanding our systems and am looking for a way to track wich asterisk 
server a peer is registred on. Here is an example.

4 Asterisk servers. An peer could regester on any of the three servers. 
When I a peer registers I need to some how trigger an update to a master 
database to tell wich server that peer is on. Then when a call comes in I 
can look up in the master database where that peer is an and route the call 
to the correct registration servers. 

How can I trigger a script on peer registation to update my master database 
table? I am under the impression that I do not want to share the same 
realtime peer table accross all the servers. so how would I best pull this 
one off?


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