[asterisk-users] HELP!! Caller ID "unknown" for all inbound call

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Tue Apr 24 03:13:10 CDT 2012

On Tuesday 24 April 2012, Satria Anamarta wrote:
> Thanks AJS :)
> The different is only this:
> 21,22c21,22
> < rxgain=8.0
> < txgain=8.0
> ---
> > rxgain=0.0
> > txgain=0.0
> 29a30

That looks perfectly sane  (it's quite normal to get an extra blank line added 
on the end with certain editors).

> Currently is rxgain and txgain set to 8.0 versus previous rxgain and txgain
> = 0.0. I remember that because I change the txgain and rxgain setting the
> CID is sometime appear (3~5 times in 10 calls). After I realize that no CID
> anymore, I change back those setting to 0.0, restart the server, but the
> CID still appear as "unknown", so I guess there must be something other
> that rxgain and rxgain setting :(

Yes indeed.  So the next question must be:  Has anything else changed?  Run
$ ls - altr /etc/asterisk/
which will list the files in the folder /etc/asterisk, most recently modified at 
the bottom.  Has anything else changed?

Do the same thing also for /etc/dahdi:
$ ls -altr /etc/dahdi/

> btw, will rxgain and txgain setting affect the CID ?

They shouldn't.  Anyway, changing them back didn't fix it, so that is unlikely 
to have much to do with it.  It's probably some other setting that was 
accidentally changed by some configuration-generating utility.

Watch out especially for anything "international".  Different countries  (and 
sometimes, even different phone companies within the same country)  use 
different methods of sending caller ID information.  For instance, BT uses a 
modified version of the Bellcore standard but with UK modem tones, and the 
number is sent between the polarity reversal and first burst of ringing; some 
UK cable companies use DTMF during ringing.


Answers come *after* questions.

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