[asterisk-users] Advice on Asterisk Conference

Tim Panton thp at westhawk.co.uk
Mon Apr 23 09:30:52 CDT 2012

On 22 Apr 2012, at 18:34, Steve Edwards wrote:

> On Sun, 22 Apr 2012, Stuart Elvish - IP Exchange Systems wrote:
>>> 1.  DO I need a separate server for the conference server?
>> This depends on a few factors:
>> (a) You won't be able to run MySQL alongside Asterisk with conferencing
>> and get good results. If you plan to use a single Asterisk server to do
>> conferencing and other voice functions (for example voicemail) then I
>> wouldn't expect any major issues. It depends on the usage of each voice
>> function of the system.
> I don't think there was enough information in the OP's post to support the statement that running MySQL and Asterisk on the same box will not yield good results.
> I prefer to run them on separate boxes. Database servers and 'telco' servers have different resource requirements and seem to need different administration styles but they are not fundamentally incompatible.

One of the amusing things about Oracle's XE 'free' database was that it was limited to a single core and 1Gb RAM. 
This made it perfect to run on the same box as asterisk. On a 4 core 4Gb machine you were pretty much certain that 
Asterisk was going to get 3 Cores and enough memory to itself, irrespective of what the DB users did :-)


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