[asterisk-users] DAHDI 2.6.1 - What does " Build OSLEC EC if in the tree" feature means ?

Shaun Ruffell sruffell at digium.com
Sat Apr 21 13:36:31 CDT 2012

On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 06:51:49PM +0200, Olivier wrote:
> Hi,
> In DAHDI 2.6.1 changelog includes this :
> README, drivers/dahdi/Kbuild: Build OSLEC EC if in the tree Build
> 	  the OSLEC echo canceller (drivers/staging/echo and
> 	  dahdi_echocan_oslec) if the code of oslec is present in the tree.
> 	  Also closing another issue regarding documentation of building
> 	  OSLEC, as it is now even clearer than before. Patch has been used
> 	  in the Debian package for quite some time. Signed-off-by: Tzafrir
> 	  Cohen <tzafrir.cohen at xorcom.com> (closes issue DAHLIN-110)
> 	  Reported by: biohumanoid (Pavel Selivanov) Patches:
> 	  oslec_auto.diff uploaded by tzafrir (license 5035) (closes issue
> 	  DAHLIN-261) Origin:
> 	  http://svnview.digium.com/svn/dahdi?view=rev&rev=10440
> I think OSLEC is included in Linux for several months, now.
> What does this new addition mean ?

It was intended to simplify the process of building
dahdi_echocan_oslec by eliminating a step.

The intent of this change was to make it so that all you had to do
was copy the oslec source code into the DAHDI-Linux tree and build.
Before this change you would have to copy in the source *and* edit

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