[asterisk-users] g729 freezes 1.8

Jeff Brower jbrower at signalogic.com
Thu Apr 19 16:31:05 CDT 2012


> On Thursday 19 April 2012, samuel wrote:
>> Just in case it helps:
>> It turned out that from asterisk version 1.8.4 on, the g729 binaries are
>> different from the previous versions so it was a version mismatch between
>> the g729 (1.8.0_3.1.5) and asterisk (1.8.8 and higher).
>> Thanks to the Digium support department that found out the issue.
> Someone really needs to get the mPlayer folks  (based on the Continent, where
> mathematics is not patentable)  to create an Open Source g729 codec
> implementation .....


Transformations are patented, not mathematics.  This is true in the US also, if you want to create solid patents. 
Algorithms are certainly patented in both US and Europe -- Fraunhofer and MP3 is a good example.  Although many people
disagree whether this should be allowed, there has yet to be high level court cases to decide the issue.

As for G729 and other codecs, they can also be implemented in hardware, in which case there would be novel circuit
apparatus that does the job.  And if someone used software to get the same results -- violation.  People too often
think that just because something can conveniently be done in software, traditional patent law no longer matters... 
that doesn't mean hardware approaches somehow disappeared.  People who write algorithm patents know this and make them
more solid using hardware techniques as "additional methods".

You're dreaming if you think you can use G729 in ways other than what the patent holders grant.  The only reason you
don't get bothered (yet) is if you're not making money.



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