[asterisk-users] Asterisk Debian Squeeze packages with T.38 gateway, queue hints and fixed RFC4235 (notifycid=yes)

Niccolò Belli darkbasic at linuxsystems.it
Wed Apr 18 06:08:55 CDT 2012


Il 18/04/2012 00:39, Kevin P. Fleming ha scritto:
> You guys know that it works in Asterisk 10, but you say you can't use
> Asterisk 10 for some reason that I don't understand.

1) No Debian packages for v10. If you have to maintain lots of servers, 
installing from sources is a big burden. Compile, install and forget 
isn't the way I work: if I have to apply a fix or close a security hole 
I can easily push the patches to my build server which will recompile 
all the branches I maintain, then every server will automatically 
upgrade with cron jobs.

2) A new whole of problems when upgrading production machines from a 
working 1.8.x to v10. That will mean parsing configs manually, find the 
problems and fixing them.

3) Third parties utilities/hardware/modules. I'm still waiting for a fix 
for my Sangoma BRI card which did broke when upgrading... You need a 
compatible version of third parties components to use recent versions of 
asterisk/dahdi/whatever and upgrading third parties components does 
always mean problems.

4) Isn't v10 supposed to be 
"beta"/non-production/non-long-term-support?[1] If we want to honor what 
Digium says we should use 1.8 for production servers when reliability is 
important. Backporting a single "unstable" feature is much better than 
the whole thing.

5) What was the purpose of the t38gateway-1.8 branch? Why did it existed 
at all if not to allow users to use t38 gw in production servers? I even 
read about the possibility to backport t38 gw to 1.8 as a plugin, but it 
seems it isn't a requested feature (which is strange because I know 
peoples who stopped using asterisk because of the lack of t38 gw).

I really don't want to do polemics: I always used pstn for the faxes 
until now and I will keep using it. No problem.



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