[asterisk-users] Personal queue with one agent: add calls to extension

Roland asterisk at rolandow.com
Fri Apr 13 03:36:50 CDT 2012


What would be the easiest way to give a SIP account his own private queue,
so calls can be added while this account is busy?

While implementing our new Asterisk based telephone system, the
receptionist came with the 'need' to add a call in the queue for an
extension. So if the boss on extension 100 is on the phone, she could still
transfer the caller to this extension, and it will be queued after the
call. The boss would hear a beep, indicating that somebody else is waiting.
This is how our old analog PBX seems to work. After waiting a while, the
caller would return to reception if the boss wouldn't answer (or is still

I think I can accomplish this setting up a Queue with a timeout. After the
timeout, the user would be returned back to reception.

But of course when I asked: who would you like to have a queue, the reply
was: everybody!

I think I am not all to happy with giving everybody his own personal queue.
Doesn't really make sense, does it?

Especially for our wireless DECT phones this is a problem, because I have a
few handsets on a base station with their own extension number. The dect
system can only handle 3 concurrent calls. I now have configured every
handset to have his own SIP account. I could give every handset two sip
accounts (or two lines, somehow), but then the line being in the queue,
would congest the base station. Other dect system I have seen can handle 4
concurrent calls. I am afraid more base stations will cause interference on
the signal.

So I think I should solve this with Asterisk. Any suggestions about
queueing call to a extension (or SIP account actually) without having to
configure a 'private' queue for each sip account?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,
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