[asterisk-users] ChannelRedirect with callee channel

Gunnar linux at nowin.de
Mon Apr 9 09:09:09 CDT 2012

Hello List,

I tried 3way conferencing:
Asterisk Version 1.8.11.
A calls B and A press **0 to invoke '3way-start' feature. B is
redirected correctly by ChannelRedirect. B talks to C and starts 3-way
conference. All is working.
But: A calls B and now B press **0. Dialplan calls ChannelRedirect and
tries to redirect A into conference room, but it is not working. Seems
the command is waiting for something. B talks to C and press **1 to
start the conference. B and C are in conference room and can talk.
Channel of A hang in the meantime. No music on hold, nothing. After B
and C hangs up the ChannelRedirect starts working and A gets into the
conference room. That's useless...
Someone with any hints? For which reason does the Channelredirect for
channel A wait for B being hung up?

Kind regards,

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