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Sriram d_r_sriram at hotmail.com
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I was trying out Lefteris’ Asterisk google TTS and its working great with English..I have a question here – since it support hindi,tamil and other languages as well.. I would like to experiment it but am struck at one place :


   ;;Play message in Spanish

exten => 1234,n,agi(googletts.agi,"Esta es una simple prueba en español.",es)

    ;;Play message in Greek

exten => 1234,n,agi(googletts.agi,"Αυτό είναι ένα απλό τέστ στα ελληνικά.",el)


now in the above text – if I try to paste hindi fonts in “vi editor” or copy the hindi text from wordpad to vi editor – the entire text gets garbled.. and therefore call disconnects when google tries to parse it. Can someone please let me know how to handle this ?


Also is it a legitimate way of using Google speech recognition and TTS in this way ? i.e no license issues would arise?





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