[asterisk-users] How to configure a Linksys PAP2T ATA to connect an analog fax machine to Asterisk

Andrew Stewart astewart at notre1.com
Sun Nov 21 16:01:01 CST 2010

I was having problems getting a Linksys PAP2T-NA to work with Pitney
Bowes mailing station so it could use its modem to dial home and
download postage/software updates.  After scowering the web, I
couldn't seem to find a definite how to article on what settings were
needed.  I finally came up some settings by combining the information
from various places around the 'net.  I have typed out those settings
and included them below.

Are there any settings I should configure differently?  Anything I
should add or remove?

I was using a Linksys PAP2T-NA with firmware version 3.1.15(LS), but I
would assume that these settings would be similar on the Sipura
SPA-1001, and the Linksys PAP2, SPA2102, SPA3102 ATAs.

Settings that have an asterisk (*) before them seem to be particularly
important, so please make to pay attention to them.


SIP (tab)
	RTP Paremeters (section)
		*RTP Packet Size:  0.020 (or 0.010)
Line (tab)
	Network Settings (section)
		*Network Jitter Buffer: very high (or extremely high)
		Jitter Buffer Adjustment: disable

	Supplementary Service Subscription (section)
		*Call Waiting Serv: no
		Block ANC Serv: no
		Cfwd All Serv: no
		Cfwd No Ans Serv: no
		Cfwd Last Serv: no
		Accept Last Serv: no
		Call Return Serv: no
		*Three Way Call Serv: no
		Speed Dial Serv: no
		Service Announcement Serv: no
		Block CID Serv: no
		Cfwd Busy Serv: no
		Cfwd Sel Serv: no
		Block Last Serv: no
		DND Serv: no
		Call Back Serv: no
		Secure Call Serv: no

	Audio Configuration (section)
		Preferred Codec: G711a  (or G711u)
		Use Pref Codec Only: yes
		FAX Codec Symmetric: yes
		Hook Flash Tx Method: None
		*Silence Supp: No
		Silence Threshold: medium
		*Echo Canc Enable: No
		Echo Canc Adapt Enable: no
		Echo Supp Enable: no
		FAX CED Detect Enable: yes
		FAX CNG Detect Enable:  yes
		FAX Passthru Codec: G711a
		FAX Passthru Method: NSE
		FAX Process NES: yes
		FAX Disable ECAN: yes










Andrew Stewart  (dCAP)
astewart at notre1.com

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