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Ronny Adsetts ronny.adsetts at amazinginternet.com
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Firstly, I'm new to Asterisk and am a system admin rather than a phone engineer. I've googled and read around but haven't been able to answer my questions sufficiently to buy hardware and get this thing set up.

Secondly, if I've missed vital information from what is below, please let me know what.


So, what I'm trying to solve us remote working. We're a small company, less than 10 employees, with a few of us moving to working from home. We have VPN access to the office already set up. In the office we have a Samsung iDCS100 hooked up externally to a couple of ISDN/2 lines (BRI I believe these are termed) and an analogue line. Internally we have standard Samsung extensions, mostly digital though we do have an analogue extension card.

What I'd like to add on is the ability to hook up VoIP (SIP?) phones (software, hardware) and have them treated by the Samsung as extensions. Then we could transfer calls from the Samsung to the remote VoIP phones or have the VoIP phones make external calls via the Samsung. We'd run the VoIP connections over the VPN for security and minimise exposure.

I think (am unsure hence the questions) that this can be done in the following ways:

1. Add analogue card(s) to the computer to run Asertisk and treat them as analogue extensions in the Samsung. Statically route each extension to a VoIP handset/user.

2. Add BRI card(s) to the computer to run Asterisk and somehow hook up the Samsung.

3. Other ways? Would a digital extension card in the computer solve the one-to-one analogue problem?

As you can see I'm lacking in a lot of knowledge here and need to ramp up fairly quickly. Pointers are all I need really, I'm willing to learn and read docs. The company we used to install the Samsung and cable up for us just wanted to sell us a newer Samsung and were of no help.

If anyone has done something similar and can share the basic of how they did it, I'd be eternally grateful. Specifically what's the best way hardware wise of hooking up the Asterisk computer to the Samsung and in rough terms, how do I configure it (the Samsung PBX especially).

What phone card hardware should I buy for the Asterisk computer to make this work?

If I've missed docs where this is written up feel free to point me in the right direction.


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