[asterisk-users] evil disconnect of call with cisco 1760

Jeremy Kister asterisk-01 at jeremykister.com
Sun Aug 29 02:25:29 CDT 2010

I have asterisk talking to a cisco 1760 running

whenever a call goes through the 1760's FXO or FXS (in or out) there is 
a 915 second maximum call time due to asterisk hanging up the call 
because of a "critical packet" being missed.

I read doc/sip-retransmit.txt and I don't see anything there that is 
helpful to my situation - the asterisk box is on the same subnet as the 
c1700; there are no nat/firewalls/sbcs in the middle.

at ~15:15 the asterisk console reads:
  WARNING[2492]: chan_sip.c:3778 retrans_pkt: Maximum retries exceeded 
on transmission CB674A02-B25C11DF-B6D5A08D-652FE73E at for seqno 
102 (Critical Request) -- See doc/sip-retransmit.txt.
  WARNING[2492]: chan_sip.c:3805 retrans_pkt: Hanging up call 
CB674A02-B25C11DF-B6D5A08D-652FE73E at - no reply to our critical 
packet (see doc/sip-retransmit.txt).

I have a full sip debug at: http://jeremy.kister.net/tmp/sip_debug/ast.txt

A running config of the c1760 is at 

Important parts of sip.conf are at 

I have verified the same behavior with asterisk



Jeremy Kister

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