[asterisk-users] TELUS British Columbia PRI Settings

Charles Moye chazzm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 08:35:41 CDT 2010

> [trunkgroups]

> trunkgroup => 1,24

> spanmap => 1,1,0,esf,b8zs

If you're only using one span, is there a reason you are using trunkgroups?
I believe those only get used for NFAS and GR-303

> #include /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf

Do you have anything defined in this file? Since it comes at the top, any
changes you make below it won't affect anything defined in that file.

> bchannel => 1-12

> dchannel => 24

I didn't think bchannel and dchannel were valid for chan_dahdi.conf. Don't
those only exist in system.conf?
I believe you only declare 'channel' for the b-channels in chan_dahdi.conf.

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