[asterisk-users] Migrating 1.4 to 1.6.2

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Fri Aug 27 17:17:41 CDT 2010

 From: "Bruce Ferrell" <bferrell at baywinds.org>  much static testing of my 
realtime configuration and applications I'm
almost ready to pull the trigger.

The one thing I've been able to determine is what I need to do to
migrate my g729 licenses.

Has anyone got any advice for me on this? The Digium site is...
difficult to navigate

Bruce Ferrell                -----------------------------------

If you are not changing servers you just download the correct binary for 
1.6.2 for your machine.  If your are moving machines then you must 
re-register the license on the new box. If you have moved them before you 
must call Digium and have them increment the count on the licenses. Here is 
a link to the general install instructions.


It is not really hard to do you just need to follow the steps.

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